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Make a Call to us for anything IT related.

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Entitled to three calls per month on our remote IT Support Plan.

Health and Maintenance Check worth £29.99 every 6 months.

The good thing about this service……

  1. You’re in control of your Security

  2. Available Worldwide With a Working Internet connection…

  3. We see what you see

  4. Cheaper than an engineer callout…

Support Call

For Just £19.99 per Month
£29.99 for Instant Fix or Computer Assistance

Remote IT Support Features

Contact our Service Desk 




3 times a month for any IT related issues 

Health and Maintenance Check 

Checks are made every 6 months to ensure your computer is secure and efficient

Valued at £75 per Check

Office Package & Problems 


Problems with Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook etc


Do it for me help

Applications & Computer Systems

Do it for me help 

Do it for me help 

Application Installation and Configuration

All done remotely

Hardware and Peripherals Installation

Make sure your systems are working together

WIFI and Network Configuration


Ensure that your devices are connected

Virus Removal and Protection


Anti - Virus software and protecting your personal information

PC Security


Hide files and password protect them from other people who use your computer

Data Backup and Recovery

Cloud configuration or hard drive

Computer Protection

Optimising antivirus software and protecting your personal information

User Account Setup for Family and Friends

Allocate administration rights

Setup Children Accounts with Limited Access

Make sure that your children are safe online

Hard Drive Optimisation

Smooth and Efficient

If you have a problem that has not been listed, please contact us for help

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