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Have you ever thought about IT Training but never had the time to Learn?

With ATPC you can schedule a time to suit your needs, with no need to go to a training centre or for a tutor to visit your home. We provide a remote training session and all you need to participate is a working internet broadband connection.


Computer Tutorials - 'How To' Sessions


ATPC provides basic computer and IT training for adults or children. This is useful for all computer users to enable you to learn the full potential of what your computer can do and how to maintain your computer. Furthermore, this will enable you to diagnose problems and implement quick fixes.


Whatever windows operating system you are using or if you have recently purchased a new PC with Microsofts new Windows 10 operating system, APTC can provide informative training and recommendations.


If you have just purchased a laptop of desktop, you may find that the software bundles that come with it may be complicated or hard to use. ATPC can give you hands-on training and answer any questions you may have remotely. Most training sessions are booked in advance. Contact us now.


ATPC also offer hardware training on how to install extra hard drives, CDROM drives and memory. As well as, the easy way to install peripheral devices, internet phones and webcams.




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Computer and IT Training

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